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Posted by Veronique on February 14th, 2020

Brigette on them. Issue 1 cover!

Brigette Lundy-Paine: Atypical’s Casey Wants It Weirder

The actor and singer dives into gender discovery, the art of queer scavenging, and finding a real-life love that feels like home.

While shooting the third season of the Netflix dramedy Atypical, Brigette Lundy-Paine spent a day gallivanting about the set wearing an umber three-piece tweed suit. The actor, who plays the boisterous, latently queer track star Casey Gardner, wore the getup to fulfill a basic gag: That evening, Casey would be attending a dinner party thrown by her older brother’s girlfriend, Paige. The fête was to have one rule: a blanket ban on — you guessed it — tweed. Sure enough, when Casey struts into the dining room, woolen coattails swinging behind her, Paige is overcome with horror.

While the three-piece served a relatively simple function in the episode, its influence on Lundy-Paine, who came out as nonbinary in November, proved far more complex. “I had these experiences playing Casey that have been huge in discovering my gender,’” the actor tells them. “Swinging around in that outfit was one of them.”

We’re in the back room of a candlelit Williamsburg bar; Lundy-Paine wears a hoodie, a pizza-emoji-stitched fanny pack, and a black hat whose earflaps suggest a soft butch remix of Holden Caulfield’s. It’s certainly not the iconic tweed, but they seem just as comfortable in the understated look, laughing easily as we discuss everything from their theater-heavy upbringing to challenging the performativity of gender.

At 25, Lundy-Paine is an old school kind of multi-hyphenate. Sure, they have over a million followers on Instagram, where they post behind the scenes gems alongside adorable videos of their cat, Moth. Yet their primary creative outlets remain more traditional forms: acting (Lundy-Paine boast credits in The Glass Castle and this year’s Oscar-nominated Bombshell), singing (they perform in an improvisational band called Subtle Pride), and publishing (having co-founded the experimental magazine Waif alongside their Subtle Pride bandmates).

Photographed by Molly Matalon for them. Issue 1

Their approach to what they do, however, is anything but traditional. Like Lundy-Paine, Waif is variable, striking, vibrantly queer and exceptionally weird, a quality they prize. “Weird, to me, used to mean being weirder than the other kids and being scared of that,” they say. Now, Lundy-Paine no longer sees weirdness as what’s too much about them, but rather something there’s too little of in the world. “There’s a style of acting [training] called the Suzuki Method that preaches [approaching scenes] with this broad sense of asking literally what is going on and what needs to be done,” they explain. “That’s what [‘weird’] means to me now: finding ways to fill the empty space.”

Whether it’s the world of Netflix, magazines, or major Hollywood productions, Lundy-Paine has found in portraying queer lives a space worthy of filling. One can’t help but hope they continue filling it.

Read the rest of the interview at them.us!

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